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Visiting Artists

Gina Wolfrum

Wolfrum is an award winning artist who returned to her artistic roots in the fine arts after leaving the corporate world and relocating to a farm in rural Ohio. Wolfrum studied in studios around the country to develop her use of color, texture, and natural elements. Intensely inspired by nature, most of her paintings are a form of landscape or nature setting. Her works have received Best of Show, People’s Choice, monetary awards, and honorable mention recognitions. Two successful solo shows in 2021 were indicators that her work continues to gain popularity with collectors and gallery patrons. Gina lives with her husband and a very large dog in Northwest Ohio on a quiet farm surrounded by flower beds and bird feeders.


Multimedia Paintings 12x24

Mary Ellen Strack

In my paintings, I want people to feel the energy as it is experienced in nature. To try and recreate the positive sense and power we experience when we see something truly magnificent. I like to share my passion for nature and capture its spiritual presence.

I work in acrylic paint, mixed mediums and oil.

Acrylic on cotton canvas 36x48


awakening maryellenstrack.jpg
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